The Power of Focus

Learning to focus yourself and your team is critical to growing faster and more profitably.
If Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, 177 millionaires, and King Solomon (wisest King in history) all say focus is important, we could all use more of it in our lives!  Learn how the simple Focus5 App and process can help you achieve your objectives faster, smarter, better with the power of focus!

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The power of focus and grit are the 2 top factors that determine people’s success level in any endeavor in life.

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To CRM or not to CRM for Mortgage Loan Originators

To CRM or not to CRM

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To CRM or not to CRM and that is the question.

Well to me it’s not really even a question.

You should CRM there’s no question about it.

I talked to a number of loan Originators who have not had a CRM and whose company did not have a CRM or they never implemented one themselves.

As a result they’ve lost all of their customer data.

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Million Dollar Originator Group Coaching Call – 3 Step Process for Success

3 Simple Steps to Build a Rock Solid, Highly Successful Origination Business that Can Grow Without Limits!

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The Million Dollar Originator System is a proven system that will improve the value and strength of any
origination business, regardless of expertise level.

Unlike most courses, coaching and training systems that rely too heavily on outdated strategies, chasing
realtors, pay-to-play, over-sold lead lists, and over-priced online advertising channels, while leaving you frustrated with only pieces of the puzzle, the MDO System IS the puzzle itself.

All you have to do is complete the work in the proper order and we’re right here beside you, on your journey to the top.

Phase 1- Architect: Assess your foundation, Fix all issues limiting your growth potential. Install measures that will ensure maximum efficiency and success

Phase 2- Attract: Establish goals and key initiatives of success.  Build a multiple-stream network for 24-7 lead generation. Grow your influence to dominate your region.

Phase 3-  Automate:  Amplify your reach with technology and lead generation funnels.  Multiply and scale your pipelines and team. Direct your empire to unlimited heights!

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To Your Success!

Tim Scholten – Founder – The Million Dollar Originator (TM)

How to Build Your Mortgage Origination Network with KLT

Every good lender hopes for more realtor partnerships to grow their leads and pipeline, but few are really willing to put in the work to turn a brief connection into a real relationship.

People (Realtors) will only do business with lenders that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST (KLT).

These are 3 things that take time and can’t be faked very easily.

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