How to Build Your Mortgage Origination Network with KLT

Every good lender hopes for more realtor partnerships to grow their leads and pipeline, but few are really willing to put in the work to turn a brief connection into a real relationship.

People (Realtors) will only do business with lenders that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST (KLT).

These are 3 things that take time and can’t be faked very easily.

Here are steps you can take to make progress in each of the 3 areas:

KNOW – You have to make a real connection

That means learning about them. Become a student of your partners. The better you know them, the more they will want to know you. It doesn’t generally work the other way around. Here are a few brief tips for getting to know your partners:

Leverage social media.

There is a lot of information out there.

It can give you insights into more than just their business.

Comment on their posts so that they see you are paying attention to them.

Ask them about themselves.

When you do, listen and take note of significant events or things that are important to them.

Stay engaged.

Knowing someone takes time.

You can’t say you know someone after a single meeting, even if it was a quality meeting.

Relationship takes time.

Be willing to put in the time needed to build the relationship.

One of the best connections that I ever made during a job interview with someone I knew very little about started by me asking a few simple questions about them.

The interview last for one and a half hours.

I talked less than 5 minutes during that entire interview.

The questions I asked engaged the interviewer so well that he went on and on about the role, the business and how well he thought I would fit into it.

When our time was up, he stated, “I think this was the best interview I have ever had with someone.

I feel like I really know you!”

The cool part was that by the end I liked him too.

It was most important that he felt a connection.

I simply want to know more and learn about the role.

I accomplished that as well.

By the way, I didn’t take the job, but our connection was real and we still connect from time to time, almost 15 years later.

LIKE – You can’t fake like

If you don’t really like someone, a good relationship will be difficult at best to build.

Instead, move on and find someone you like to be around and that likes you.

Building your business doesn’t have to be hard and draining.

You should enjoy yourself.

The LIKE factor goes up exponentially when you are having fun and enjoying each other.

Look for something you have in common.

Shared interest are great points of connection.

Sports, family, a hobby, favorite vacation spot, or even hobby can be a great reason to connect regularly.

We like to be with people that like the same things.

Find reasons to compliment them.

Compliments must be real.

Look for the good in your new friend.

Look for what they do well.

Recognize and encourage that in them.

We all like to be around people that help to build our self-confidence.

Send notes about their interests.

If you see something that reminds you of them, an article, news story, a bumper sticker or any other kind of small item, pick it up and send it to them with a personal note.

This shows you are paying attention and that your interests are not all business.

Find ways to help them.

If you can scratch their itch (not literally), they will be grateful.

Maybe it is something as simple as helping them move or complete a project at their home, lend them a tool they don’t have or offer to watch their dog.

Some times, simple things that show you care will help deepen a connection.

One person I did a small amount of business with, but had made somewhat of a personal connection was moving.

He didn’t know a lot of people in the area, but was hiring the move.

I simply offered to help organize and put stuff away for his move.

He was eternally grateful and our connection grew into a lifetime friendship….I get all the business.

TRUST – Be real

Trust takes time to earn.

It is like saving for retirement.

You put away and plan for years, but one bad investment move and you can lose it all in an instant.

The same is true with Trust.

One missed promise.

One forgotten commitment. A few un-returned phone calls and trust is gone.

Always deliver on your commitments (keep your word).

It’s common sense, but not a common practice in today’s world.

You will stand out as trust worthy if you keep your commitments.

Exceed their expectations.

Under promise and over deliver, not the other way around.

Again, this is not a common practice.

Show up when they need it most.

Life is full of difficulties and surprises.

When difficult times arise, simply letting them know you are there for them and care can be a life changing or at least relationship changing event.

I had a young acquaintance who’s father passed away suddenly.

He didn’t have much by way of other real family.

I simply showed up to the funeral home and expressed my sympathy to him.

It took maybe 10 minutes of my time.

Then I let him know if he wanted to talk or connect I was available and would listen.

He took me up on that offer a couple of weeks later.

The acquaintance became a friend and business partner.

You won’t become true business partners without KLT.

Invest in the relationship for the rewards of relationship and the business will follow.

That is genuine KLT!

To Your Success!

Tim Scholten – Founder – The Million Dollar Originator (TM)