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(PART 4: How to turn credit challenged borrowers into home-buyers using 100% automation)


Welcome to our next video in our series.

In video #1 we showed you how to get more leads from past clients on Autopilot.

In video #2 we taught you how to get more leads from existing realtor partners, also using Automation.

In the 3rd video well showed you how to get more referral partners on Autopilot using our unique partner proposition or UPP.

Now in this 4th video in the series we’ll show you how to use a Credit Repair management funnel to grow your future base of applications. This just one of a number of ways you will learn to fast-track the growth of your business if you watch this entire video series. We show you 5 ways that you can grow your business without burning the candle at both ends. 5 Ways that will exponentially help you grow your client base and referral partner base. And here is the even better news…..this video includes methods that don’t require ad spend, but we’ll also show you how to ramp up even faster on a really small ad budget in a later video.

Welcome back!

This is video 4 of 5 in which you’ll get incredible value on how to grow your business faster using automation to improve the quality of your work, scale your capacity, and deepen partner relationships. We’ll show you how to turn prospects with credit problems into qualified buyers. How you can truly help people improve their credit by becoming their guide and earning the status of a Trusted Advisor in the process, BUT have an agency do all the work for you.. All of this can be done with our MDO 3D Automation platform.

Before we begin, you may not be familiar with me and my background. More importantly, you may be thinking, why should I take my valuable time and listen to this guy?

I want to reassure you that in the next few minutes, and in this video series, I will be giving you real, actionable items that will help you increase lead flow, save money and get valuable wasted time and effort back – time, effort, energy and resources you could be using to grow your business.

I am going to show you how you can use a 3rd Party Credit Repair program to grow your future applications and not spend any time following up with prospects. You simply allow 3D Automation to do all the contact work for you so that you stay in touch and encourage prospects to stay on the credit repair journey.

From our experience, more than 50% of these convert to viable applications within 4 to 12 months. No more chasing prospects. I’ll show you exactly how automation can do all the keeping in touch for you so you can spend your time the way you want….not chasing people.

I am Tim Scholten. I m a 30 year banker. I have done almost everything in banking you can imagine. I built some of the most highly successful and innovative teams for a top 20 bank in the US. In 2008 I started helping community banks during the financial crisis and became a growth and turn around specialist saving banks ready to collapse and helping others return to profitability. Building and expanding mortgage operations was one way that I helped banks achieve profitability along with sales disciplines that helped bankers reach more clients. Now I am helping mortgage originators like you with our Million Dollar Originator (MDO) programs that I built to help banking clients across the US.

I partner with Aaron Schulman who has been working in the internet marketing and automation space for over 15 years. Together, we are helping Loan Originators, both seasoned veterans and brand new originators start and grow their businesses on Autopilot.

If you watch this entire video, you’ll learn how apply simple automation steps to grow your future applications from people with credit challenges today. You can go from being just another person that said “NO” to someone who helped them solve their problem. You can become a Trusted Advisor.

We’ll even give you a suggested organization to recommend to your clients if you don’t already have one. The best part is that we’ll show you how to automate the entire process, including regular touch base contacts with your credit repair prospects to ensure you stay connected and encourage them on their credit repair journey. This is one simple step that can help you go from a lender to an advocate to ultimately becoming their trusted advisor.

Promise #2, At the end of this video, you will be invited, for a limited time only, to a million dollar strategy session. If you register and keep your Million Dollar Strategy Session, you will walk away with a 12 month success plan, a 90 day action plan and weekly action plan template that will guide you to Rapid Success. I invest this time with you at no cost to ensure you have a clear action plan for your success and see true value from our short time invested together. At the end of the call, we’ll invite you to review our service and marketing automation options – if you want to work with us, or if you want to do it on your own – It’s totally your call. This call has a real market value of $594, and is not a glorified sales presentation.

And my third promise to you … as a bonus, we will give you a special gift (worth $600) to get you well on your way to doubling or tripling your leads in the next 90 days or less.

Set the expectation for this one video only: If you watch and apply the principles in this video, you WILL start to build future applications now. If you consider that just 10% of the people you come into contact with currently don’t qualify for a mortgage due to credit issues and just 50% could and would come back to you, that could easily add up to 10 to 20 additional applications per year.

Some lenders I have worked with complained that as many as 4 or 5 applicants are denied monthly due to credit issues. Imagine, if you had a process that could help them qualify for a loan in the next 4 to 12 months, what turning them from a “NO” to a “NOT NOW”, but let me help you get prepared, could mean for your reputation and future business! A few of the clients that I have worked with have been able to turn their past “NO’s” into future YES’s and add and average of 2 to 3 additional applications to their pipeline monthly using this process.

You can turn past “NO’s” using the following approach:

Coach the prospect to use credit repair

Recommend a partner for them to work with (past success is critical, you can use our recommendation supplied with our scripts and materials.

Record and implement your credit repair messages in the MDO 3D Automation system

Add the customer to your Credit Repair – Keep In Touch messaging

The prospect reaches back out to you when they have may significant progress with their credit score

Watch your number of applications and satisfied clients grow over time.

A significant number of consumers that come to you for a loan today have significant credit issues. Their score disqualifies them from your loan programs or the costs associated with a new loan are so high that it isn’t affordable for the prospect. You’ve spent a lot of time working to find a solution and both you and the prospect are disappointed. I have talked with some lenders that are spending as much as 20% of their time with prospects that are ultimately disqualified for credit reasons. They feel like they can’t grow their business sufficiently with all the credit issues that surround them. At least 1 out of 5 opportunities that they look at aren’t qualified. The problem seems to be growing versus getting better as well.

One way you can help and ultimately succeed is by educating your client on on their credit score affects their life over the long-haul. Help them understand that a poor credit score can affect the cost of all borrowing and may even determine whether or not an insurance company will even look at them.

At a minimum, insurance will cost them more than someone with a good credit score. Their credit score can either cost or save them literally thousands of dollars per year. It’s worth them investing time and even money in cleaning up their old credit history if it will improve their score.

Here is the great news, you don’t have to do any of the work. Simply refer the client to a credit repair specialist for a consultation. You simply encourage them to take the journey by sharing the benefits and how you have seen the process allow other that didn’t qualify to be able to re-apply in 4 to 12 months, depending on their situation. If they proceed, you simply let MDO 3D Automation keep in touch with them during their credit repair process.

The time you’ve invested in these prospects doesn’t need to go to waste. Many prospects aren’t ready now. The magic is staying in touch with them until they ARE ready. MDO 3D Automation can do that for you.

I talk to originators that believe it is a waste of their time dealing with prospects who have credit issues.

And it can be….IF you don’t have a process in place to help those prospects. While it may not result in a deal today, it can result in one in your future. The real benefit is how really helping people that need it can result in enhancing your reputation when you become a Trusted Advisor in the process.

Without automation to nurture your client during the repair process, you will likely lose touch. They may not remember you and could be directed to another lender by a realtor when they finally are ready and find the home they are looking for. Without automation you may be wasting your time.

MDO 3D Automation is designed to help you set up a nurture cycle, add your prospect and forget it. It literally takes minutes of your time to start the process…then forget it. It will multiply your capacity and follow up in a more consistent manner than you are likely to do personally.

Here is how 3D Automation can work for you in nurturing prospects in credit repair. You simply share the facts of how improving their credit score by using a credit repair specialist can not only help your prospects qualify for a loan in the future, but also ultimately save your prospects thousands of dollars every year going forward in interest cost, insurance costs, etc. When you add them to the nurture cycle for 3D Automation, it will do all the heavy lifting of staying in touch for you.

You will be an encourager on their credit repair journey. You will be the one who guided them to a process that will save them thousands of dollars. Once their score is improved, you will be able to show them the before and after cost and what that can mean for the type of home they can afford. You will be the HERO in their home ownership story. With automation, it is as simple as set it and forget it. We provide you with the proven messaging so you can be ready to go in just minutes. The proven messaging is already outlined for you.

When you become this type of Trusted Advisor to your prospects, you start to make a real difference in people’s lives. You stand out as one of the few extraordinary people that took a real interest in their future and in their success. That sort of reputation is GOLD!

Here is why this is so important. If you come into contact with just 2 people per month that are in need of credit repair, you could easily add an additional $1,500 to $3,000 per month to your income as they follow your advice and return to you for help buying a home when they are truly ready. That is $18,000 to $36,000 per year in additional income by helping just 2 people per month. If you are in a market where there are more people in credit trouble, the size of the opportunity is even bigger. You are both doing good….helping people, and growing your income as a result of investing in them first.

STEP 6) Story of a past client – One of my new originator client started out his business with Facebook ads. He didn’t really know what he was doing, but got interested borrowers. The problem is that 9 out of 10 people that contacted him had significant credit issues. Several months in, he still didn’t have any applicants that made it past the initial credit review. We started him off with the Credit Repair automation.

Four months in, 5 of those people were now ready to purchase a home. In one case he was able to show as savings of over $12,000 per year for his client due to interest rate improvement, elimination of the need for PMI and lowering his escrow cost for insurance. For him, just this one Automation tool added 5 qualified applicants in a single month. There was a delay in the client being ready, but the business opportunity is REAL for him.

7 months into his business, more than 50% of his income is coming from those he has helped with credit repair. It has been a game changer for him….allowing him to close some real business while he works to improve the overall quality of the borrowers is helping. This part of the business gives him a lot of satisfaction and joy, knowing he is really helping people that need his help and expertise.

Our MDO 3D Automation system uses a combination of Ringless Voicemail, Text and Email messages to connect in a way that feels personal…..yet it is fully automated. Messages can be modified to meet your taste, but what we provide works. All you need to do is add your email signature and record the voice messages. You can have multiple messaging funnels operational in just a few hours.

Here is what we do. We provide you with the system and proven messaging to nurture your prospects on Autopilot…until they are ready to buy. We help you set up your system, record your messages, and load your contacts. Then, just sit back and wait. Our system and proven message flow gives every single one of your contacts the feel that you are personally reaching out and following up with them. Not some strange, robo-calling technology or mass marketing appeal that leaves people feeling alienated, or like just another number.

The system does all the contact work while you go about your normal activities. When your contacts are ready, they reach out to you. The setup work you’ve done creating and recording your messages works quietly behind the scenes to do the heavy lifting for you. It consistently makes contact with your prospects while you work on other priorities, allowing you to multiply your time and your success. The reality is that most originators do a poor job at best of making contacts and following up with everyone they should. MDO 3D Automation will help you improve your game dramatically by consistently making contacts for you, so that you only need to talk to people that are ready to talk with you or are ready to buy!

All you have to do is implement the proven message series and you’ll start seeing more prospects repair their credit by following your advice and returning to you when they are credit-ready to purchase a home. You no longer need to tell your prospects “NO”, just not now. Then point them in the right direction and let your automated nurturing take over. No more wasting time with those that aren’t and may never be ready to buy. You no longer need to manually chase people down during the credit repair process. You no longer need to be the lender that they forgot about once they were ready to buy. You’ll be the HERO in their story..

What’s next. . . What I’ve shown you today is another step you can take to grow your mortgage business. And.. another step that where you can leverage FREE lead sources. Turning prospects with Credit Problems into qualified buyers on autopilot. This is just one more way that MDO 3D Automation and our Success Roadmap can help you FAST TRACK your business growth.

Our Million Dollar Originator Program is designed to help identify where you are on your journey to the top and help you identify and take the next steps in your journey. What’s needed to succeed isn’t a secret, but how to accomplish it may require a guide. That’s where we come in. We help you stay focused on taking the next right step and ensure that you don’t spend your valuable time chasing the wrong things.

We provide everything you need for your journey….tools, automation, scripts, educational videos, etc. as part of our Million Dollar Originator program.

You don’t need to continue to struggle and burn the candle at both ends like most people do starting out. You don’t need to make all the same mistakes that other do….throwing their time and money away on things that don’t work. You can have all the resources you need at your fingertips to work smarter, not harder.

The choice is yours….you can do this the hard way….learning by trial and error. Having your journey to success take years. Spending your valuable time and money chasing realtors with nothing to offer them or purchasing crappy leads that have been sold a dozen times before you get them.

OR You can take the easy way….with your plan laid out for you….the tools and resources at your fingertips and an experienced guide by your side. The choice is yours…..hard or easy, fast or slow, bumps and bruises or a smoother and clear path.

For a limited time, when you schedule a free Million Dollar Success Roadmap call, we will help you craft your personal 12 month marketing success plan, we will give you, for free, our proven scripts that you can implement right away for 5 different marketing segments, proven to get an average of 4 deals for every 100 leads or more, and a special discount if you decide to use our marketing automation service. On the call, we will help you identify the top 3 strategies you can use right away to get more leads in less time.

At the end of the call, we will simply ask you if you want us to help you implement the strategy, if you would like to join one of our case study groups, or if you want to do it all yourself. What ever you decide, you’ll walk away with a clear marketing success plan and our free proven scripts valued at $594. In addition, should you choose to accept it, you’ll receive a special discount offer on our services valued at $600, just for allowing us to help you build a simple, clear, powerful strategy based on 45 plus years combined experience in the business. This offer is available for a limited time until our remaining agency seats are filled. [SLIDE 32]

So don’t wait….schedule your call today. At a minimum, you get a FREE marketing success plan out of the deal. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

In the next video, We’ll show you how you can you can use a small ad budget to find prospects that will grow your applications, augment your realtor partners income and further cement your realtor partnerships.

We’ll show you how to use Facebook Ads to find qualified homebuyers, and how to weed out low quality leads and improve your ROI over time by building lookalike audiences to drive your ad costs down and your lead quality up! And, we will share the survey questions you can use to filter out low quality leads through an online form or chatbot to continually improve your homebuyer lead funnel and only work with the leads that are ready to buy.

TO RECAP. You’ll get OVER $594 in actionable value with your personal top 3 strategies that you can begin implementing TODAY to double or triple your flow of leads in the next 90 days while eliminating cold calling and saving up to 2 hours of your day or more!! Schedule your call now!