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(PART 3: How to get more 100% loyal Realtor partners with your NEW Unique Partnering Proposition (UPP))


In video #1 we showed you how to get more leads from past clients on Autopilot. In video #2 we taught you how to get more leads from existing realtor partners, also using Automation. In this 3rd video in the series, we’ll show you how to get more referral partners on Autopilot using our unique partner proposition or UPP.

This just one of a number of ways you will learn to fast-track the growth of your business if you watch this entire video series. We’’ show you 5 ways that you can grow your business without burning the candle at both ends.

5 Ways that will exponentially help you grow your client base and referral partner base. And here is the even better news…..this video includes methods that don’t require ad spend, but we’ll also show you how to ramp up even faster on a really small ad budget in a later video.

Welcome back!. This is video 3 of 5 in which you’ll get incredible value on how to grow your business faster using automation to improve the quality of your work, scale your capacity, and deepen partner relationships.

Before we begin, you may not be familiar with me and my background. More importantly, you may be thinking, why should I take my valuable time and listen to this guy?

I want to reassure you that in the next few minutes, and in this video series, I will be giving you real, actionable items that will help you increase lead flow, save money and get valuable wasted time and effort back – time, effort, energy and resources you could be using to grow your business.

I am going to show you how, using MDO 3D Automation, you can get in front of more partners with your own UPP, Unique Partner Proposition. I am going to show you how to increase your partner value to the point where realtors want to send their business your way. No more chasing or begging or cold calling.. I’ll show you how Automation can help you land more partners FAST, and really ramp up your applications. Just let the 3D Automation do the work of finding the right partners for you.

I am Tim Scholten. I m a 30 year banker. I have done almost everything in banking you can imagine. I built some of the most highly successful and innovative teams for a top 20 bank in the US. In 2008 I started helping community banks during the financial crisis and became a growth and turn around specialist saving banks ready to collapse and helping others return to profitability. Building and expanding mortgage operations was one way that I helped banks achieve profitability along with sales disciplines that helped bankers reach more clients. Now I am helping mortgage originators like you with our Million Dollar Originator (MDO) programs that I built to help banking clients across the US.

I partner with Aaron Schulman who has been working in the internet marketing and automation space for over 15 years. Together, we are helping Loan Originators, both seasoned veterans and brand new originators start and grow their businesses on Autopilot.

If you watch this entire video, you’ll learn how apply simple automation steps to reach more realtor partners and quickly earn their business. You can go from begging for leads to requiring exclusive referral relationships. In addition, we’ll give you tools for building your realtor prospect list and a guide with the 2 most popular retargeting ad sizes, 3 best platforms you can use, and visual ad examples, all in video 5. These free tools can get you started on growing your partner base immediately. Not the kind of partners you need to chase, but partners that chase you. Isn’t it about time you changed your script from begging to being the one in demand?

Promise #2, At the end of this video, you will be invited, for a limited time only, to a million dollar strategy session. If you register and keep your Million Dollar Strategy Session, you will walk away with a 12 month success plan, a 90 day action plan and weekly action plan template that will guide you to Rapid Success.

I invest this time with you at no cost to ensure you have a clear action plan for your success and see true value from our short time invested together. At the end of the call, we’ll invite you to review our service and marketing automation options – if you want to work with us, or if you want to do it on your own – It’s totally your call. This call has a real market value of $594, and is not a glorified sales presentation.

And my third promise to you … as a bonus, we will give you a special gift (worth $600) to get you well on your way to doubling or tripling your leads in the next 90 days or less.

If you watch and apply the principles in this video, you WILL build new quality realtor partners faster without cold calling or awkward coffee meetings? You’ll find partners that are tired having originators beg them for deals. With you as your partner they can say NO to all others because you have so much more value that you bring to the partnership. They’ll want to work with you exclusively.

We have seen originators add from 2 to 4 new realtor partnerships a month using our proven script and automation system. They just load their realtor prospects and let our 3D Automation system do the work. Then, they simply wait for realtors to reach out to them saying they are interested!. No more chasing realtors or cold calling, just work with realtors that have said they are interested.
We prepare you with a Unique Partnering Proposition (UPP) that sets you apart, head and shoulders above other originators.
No cold calling or begging realtors for deals.

Get hours of time wasted chasing down realtors back every week.

You’ll be able to say that realtors that do business with you make an additional $20,000 to $40,000 per year from the business you bring to them.

And as you grow your partner network, you’ll have more realtors asking to partner with you.

You’ll go from struggling to get leads and struggling to retain reliable realtor partners to a consistent, growing flow of both partners and leads….on autopilot.

So what is one of the problems that mortgage originators just like you face every day? You just don’t have anything to offer realtors that they really want or value. As a result, working with realtors feels more like begging for deals. You and a dozen other originators are chasing them for their business and none of you have anything meaningful to offer them. They hate it and you dread it even more.

But you have to do it…..Why? Realtors still direct 80% to 90% of where their customers go to get their financing. They know they have control and so they hold out for favors, or lunches, or happy hours. You have to pay to play, so to speak. And even when you’ve paid, there is no guarantee someone isn’t willing to pay more.

Originators that succeed in building strong realtor partnerships have typically done so over the long haul. They invest time and money in those relationships over years before they fully pay off. If you need to grow your business and make money now, the long haul isn’t very attractive and doesn’t appear affordable. Especially if you’re new to the origination game. You need to start closing deals and making money now and partnerships are typically built over YEARS.

Your time is too valuable to spend on hopes and wishes. That is all you have, unless you have a UPP. You need something concrete to offer partners to close business NOW. Something that WILL work with predictable consistency.

I talk to Originators starting out that have tried all the schmoozing tactics. Been the driver for the realtor caravan, only to look back after 6 months and feel broke, taken advantage of and still not have any deals in their pipeline. They look back having wasted 6 months of their life and have NOTHING to show for it other than a big tax write off and and empty wallet

The reality is that everyone is working realtors in pretty much the same way. Only those that can really differentiate what they have to offer or have built relationships over the long haul have more of a sure thing. The runway to build a successful origination business can be long if you use the old-fashion techniques.

This is where automation can be used to differentiate your value to your partners. If you haven’t taken a look at how automation can connect with prospects, partners and clients, you owe it to yourself to take a good hard look. Automation can eliminate many of the mundane tasks originators used to have to do and put them on autopilot. Set it up and forget it.

Here is how 3D Automation can work for you in finding more realtor partners. You simply acquire a list of realtors in your area or build your own list. You create your own Unique Partnering Proposition by offering to help realtors grow their business by working their old leads with your Automation to generate new opportunities.

They don’t need to do anything. On an average, we see at least 4 new deals resurrected from old leads for every 100 lead provided. (We will provide you with the template for your UPP). You let MDO 3D Automation make the multi-channel contacts to your realtor prospects. The proven messaging is already outlined for you. When they are interested, realtors reach out to you. You then meet in person, sharing your UPP and give them a taste of the value you bring to your partners.

You show them how you work on their behalf to make them money….but it’s all automated. You show them the money they have been missing by working with other originators. Who can say no to that kind of offer?

Our MDO 3D Automation system has sales flows built in to nurture these relationships, automatically. You just keep working on the high value work, the 20% that drives 80% of your income, and let the 3D system do the heavy lifting of finding realtors interested your Unique Partner Proposition.

This is exactly what automation is intended for. It makes you more effective and more productive. It allows you to grow without burning the candle at both ends. This is how you set up your business to run while you sleep or don’t feel like making calls. Great automation tools will help you grow your business on autopilot.

Here is why this is so important. Realtors influence 80% to 90% of where their client’s financing is done. Referral partners are one of the most significant ways of growing your business, referral partners and particularly realtors are the key to your success. If each realtor partner would help you close 8 to 10 deals per year, with just 12 partners, you could make as much as $180,000 per year just working your partner referrals.

If your personal network and past clients are also producing new business from your 3D Automation system, you can easily reach the top 5% of originators making over $250,000 per year. Our marketing automation scripts are tested and proven to work for Originators – putting you first and in command of your business and securing your financial future. No more cold calling realtors. Instead, you invest your time working with interested partners and clients.

If you are a seasoned originator with a solid base of partners, automation can improve your overall efficiency and value to your existing partners as well. Automating aspects of your business will help you scale and improve the quality of your life at the same time. You get hours of your day back and can use that any way you would like…..make more money or spend more time with friends and family. The beauty is that with automation you can have the freedom to actually choose what to do with your time.

Doug was a brand new originator and tried a number of approaches over his first 6 months trying starting his his origination business. He tried contacting realtors directly, attended open houses, and drove for the caravan. He even purchased leads only to find himself out of money, frustrated and no deals in his pipeline.

Then he heard about MDO 3D Automation and began using it to attract new Realtor partners. We loaded up just over 100 realtor prospects and within 2 weeks, he had over 50 contacts and 12 appointments with realtor prospects that were very interested in his offer. He didn’t need to chase them, they expressed an interest in learning more about how he could help the grow their business. The result was 12 new realtor connections in just 2 weeks. Instead of spending his time chasing realtors, he started spending his time meeting with realtors that were interested in doing business with him.

And because of his MDO 3D Automation, he was able to show these realtor prospects how he could support them in a unique way by using his follow up automation to breath new life into their old leads. Most were so impressed that they agreed on the spot to start working him. They immediately saw the value that his automation would bring them.

Before, he spent hours chasing realtors every month trying to get opportunities to make a real connection, now he simply schedules meetings when realtors respond to him. MDO 3D Automation gave him 3 full days a week back that he was spending trying to connect the same way that thousands of other originators do….to no avail. Within 30 days of going live he had 3 deals in his pipeline, and 3 more that were tagged for the near future. In just 30 days, 3D Automation helped him do what he couldn’t personally do in 6 months.

Our MDO 3D Automation system uses a combination of Ringless Voicemail, Text and Email messages to connect in a way that feels personal…..yet it is fully automated. Messages can be modified to meet your taste, but what we provide works. All you need to do is add your email signature and record the voice messages. You can be operational in just a few hours.

His prior lack of success left him deflated and unsure if he really had what it takes to do this business. He had lost his confidence and enthusiasm for the business. The realtor sales template that we provide for his sales presentation to Realtors helped him regain his confidence and allowed him to start landing realtor partnerships right away.

By the end of the first two months, he was generating 3 additional deals per month and still adding partners. Just the new partnerships added in the first two months will generate over $50,000 in additional income per year. What is even better is that these partners want to direct their business his way.

They see the benefit of using him as a partner because they also see how working with Doug will generate an addition $40,000 to $50,000 in income for them because of the new business he is bringing to them. He no longer feels like he is begging for deals. He has a partnership of shared value….where he brings even more value to his partners than they do to him. For him, MDO 3D Automation was a game changer. It help him recover his confidence, love of the business, and started producing income that didn’t exist prior. Doug is now implementing the other sales funnels that are helping him grow and further automate his blossoming business.

Here is what we do. We provide you with the system and proven messaging to leverage your list of partner prospects on Autopilot. We help you set up your system, record your messages, and load your contacts. Then, just sit back and wait. Our system and proven message flow gives every single one of your contacts the feel that you are personally reaching out and following up with them. Not some strange, robo-calling technology or mass marketing appeal that leaves people feeling alienated, or like just another number. The system does all the contact work while you go about your normal activities.

When your contacts are ready, when you’ve peaked their interest, they reach out to you. The setup work you’ve done creating and recording your messages works quietly behind the scenes to do the heavy lifting for you. It consistently makes contact with your prospects while you work on other priorities. The reality is that most originators do a poor job at best of making these contacts. MDO 3D Automation helps improve their game dramatically by consistently making contacts so that you only need to talk to people that are ready to talk with you or are ready to buy!

All you have to do is implement the proven message series and you’ll start seeing more leads from realtors interested in learning more about your automation technology. The ones that see the value in partnering with an originator that brings real value to the partnership will reach out to you. You only need to work with potential partners that are interested in doing business with you. No more wasting time with those that are only looking for a free lunch. You no longer need to manually chase people, or beg for meetings. Your time can be used making productive relationship contacts with only those really interested in doing business with you.

What I’ve shown you today is another step you can take to grow your mortgage business. And.. another step that where you can leverage FREE lead sources. Getting more committed referral partners is one of the most significant ways of growing your business. This is just one more way that MDO 3D Automation and our Success Roadmap can help you FAST TRACK your business growth.

Our Million Dollar Originator Program is designed to help identify where you are on your journey to the top and help you identify and take the next steps in your journey. What’s needed to succeed isn’t a secret, but how to accomplish it may require a guide. That’s where we come in. We help you stay focused on taking the next right step and ensure that you don’t spend your valuable time chasing the wrong things.

We provide everything you need for your journey….tools, automation, scripts, educational videos, etc. as part of our Million Dollar Originator program.

You don’t need to continue to struggle and burn the candle at both ends like most people do starting out. You don’t need to make all the same mistakes that other do….throwing their time and money away on things that don’t work. You can have all the resources you need at your fingertips to work smarter, not harder.

The choice is yours….you can do this the hard way….learning by trial and error. Having your journey to success take years. Spending your valuable time and money chasing realtors with nothing to offer them or purchasing crappy leads that have been sold a dozen times before you get them. OR You can take the easy way….with your plan laid out for you….the tools and resources at your fingertips and an experienced guide by your side. The choice is yours…..hard or easy, fast or slow, bumps and bruises or a smoother and clear path.

OFFER: For a limited time, when you schedule a free Million Dollar Success Roadmap call, we will help you craft your personal 12 month marketing success plan, we will give you, for free, our proven scripts that you can implement right away for 5 different marketing segments, proven to get an average of 4 deals for every 100 leads or more, and a special discount if you decide to use our marketing automation service. On the call, we will help you identify the top 3 strategies you can use right away to get more leads in less time.

At the end of the call, we will simply ask you if you want us to help you implement the strategy, if you would like to join one of our case study groups, or if you want to do it all yourself. What ever you decide, you’ll walk away with a clear marketing success plan and our free proven scripts valued at $594. In addition, should you choose to accept it, you’ll receive a special discount offer on our services valued at $600, just for allowing us to help you build a simple, clear, powerful strategy based on 45 plus years combined experience in the business. This offer is available for a limited time until our remaining agency seats are filled.

So don’t wait….schedule your call today. At a minimum, you get a FREE marketing success plan out of the deal. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

In the next video, I’ll show you how you can take people that need credit repair and become their guide to restoring their credit and qualifying for a loan. How you can become a true TRUSTED ADVISOR to them in the process, yet have an agency do all the credit repair work for you.

Most originators consider people with credit issues a lost cause. They don’t have to be if you let your MDO 3D Automation system help you direct them into and stay in touch during the credit repair process.

We provide you with everything you need to guide your customers through the process. Then, when they are ready, anywhere from 4 to 12 months down the road, you are their logical choice to help the purchase that home of their dreams. You don’t have to do this the old fashioned way. You can set up up and forget it until your prospect is ready to buy.

We’ll show you how these added steps take hardly any of your time, yet build a pipeline of future business while at the same time you are really helping people become more responsible with their finances. This is part Part 4 of 5.

TO RECAP. You’ll get OVER $594 in actionable value with your personal top 3 strategies you can begin implementing TODAY to double or triple your flow of leads in the next 90 days while eliminating cold calling and saving up to 2 hours of your day or more!

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