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(PART 5: How to get quality home buyer leads with Facebook Ads)


Congratulations on downloading the MDO Cheat sheet on Mastering Facebook ads For MLOs- getting 2x – 5x more quality home buyer applications using Facebook ads, without overspending on your ad budget.

This series will show you how to get 2x -5x your quality mortgage applications in 90 days or less without cold-calling, chasing people, begging realtors, or working nights and weekends.

Be sure to watch this video right now so I can help you use this strategy to quickly start to generate 2 to 5 times more quality applications without cold-calling, chasing people, begging realtors for deals, over-paying for leads and working nights and weekends.

And just so you know you’re in the right place or that this applies to you, I want to underscore that this strategy reflects the EXACT 7 STEPS that not only we and our clients use to get quality homebuyer applications from Facebook Ads, but also many of the world’s highest paid and most successful MLOs use each and every day – those that are running successful Facebook ads to bring in floods of quality homebuyer applications month after month. This will work great for your business right now if you follow the simple steps and don’t skip anything.

Hi I am Aaron Schulman have been working in the internet marketing and automation space for over 15 years. I have been working behind the scenes for many entrepreneurs and MLOs improve their ROI with Internet Marketing…

Over 15 Years Experience
– Internet Marketing
– Lead Generation
– Automation Technology
– Social Media Marketing
– Email Marketing
– Facebook Advertising
– Google Advertising

I am excited to be partnering over the past several years with my good friend and expert in the Mortgage and Banking Industry – Tim Scholten..

As you might be aware, generating 2x to 5x more quality apps month after month with Facebook ads is a major challenge for more MLOs across the country. According to statistics, most MLOs never break the 6 figure barrier and are stuck at an average income from $67-$72 K per year, no matter how many hours they work on nights and weekend. Most MLOs never figure out how easy it is to get a steady flood of high quality home-buyer leads through Facebook ads and they remain stuck…

The 3 main reason MLOs struggle is because

#1 – Don’t have steady flow of quality, affordable home-buyer leads

#1… they don’t have a steady flow of their own high quality home buyer leads so they can draw new, highly professional and reliable Realtor Referral partners month after month, without chasing them, begging for leads or without cold-calling.

#2 – Don’t know how to use FB and Internet technology or they think it’s too difficult or will take too much time…

#2… they don’t know how to use Facebook and the Internet and technology the right way to get high quality purchase market leads without spending a fortune, so they can be in control and create a steady and increasing monthly income, and have the upper hand when trying to attract solid realtor partners and

#3 – Don’t know how to use FB and Internet technology or they think it’s too difficult or will take too much time…

#3… they don’t know how to use (or they just don’t take the time to learn) systems and technologies that can automate most of their business so they can focus on closing loans and building relationships – being able to get 2 to 5 TIMES more quality applications on auto-pilot. So they end up doing a ton of manual work that can be systematized or automated – losing 2 hours per day or more!

The good news is that if you are struggling with any of these issues, I am going to show you how to get very clear, proven and easy-to-implement steps you can use right away to overcome these issues and start bringing in a flood of quality home-buyer leads month after month without cold-calling, chasing people, begging realtors, paying WAY too much for leads or working nights and weekends. Sound good? Ok let’s dig right in.

Step 1- Set up a Facebook™ business page

Step 2- Set up a Business Facebook™ account


Step 1 – Set up a Business Page for your MLO business following our simple framework. It’s not rocket science. You can ask all of your contacts to like your page and even pay a few bucks to boost it initially so you can get more social proof.

Step 2 – Set up a Business Facebook account.

Step 3- Create How-to video

Very effective copywriting headline and formula:

(#) Steps to get (what they want) in (reasonable time frame) without (what they don’t want)

Create a video with your cell phone- the 6 steps to purchasing the best home for your budget in 45 days or less without fear of getting the wrong financing or buying a money pit

– use the headline – X Steps to get (what they want) in (reasonable time frame) without (what they don’t want)
Get all of your friends, family and contacts to like this post so it has some traction and social proof.

Step 4 – Target the right people in FB Ad Manager

*Rule of ONES

Step 4 – Make sure your targeting is right – test using the rule of ones – 1 target – 1 ad- 1 call to action. Set half of your ad budget to build your audience of people who will watch your video.

Step 5 – 2nd ad campaign using “custom audience” who viewed at least 15% of your video.

Set up a second ad campaign targeting a “custom audience” in FB of people who viewed at least 25% or more of your video. The second ad will pre-qualify them so tire-kickers are not responding. This ad should read something simple like “Do you have an offer from your bank or lender for your mortgage?

Be sure you are getting the best rates and terms. Try our online calculator (or have them fill out a form to gather pre-qual information).

Step 6 – Work with only the double-filtered prospects as they are the most responsive and qualified

Step 6- Work with only those who have been filtered twice. Once by engagement on your video. The second time by the prequalification ad that filters “in” those who have a mortgage offer already. These are the people who are closest to buying a home in the next 30 to 60 days.

Step 7 – Compound your ad and audience – minimum 6 months

Step 7 – After running this ad for some time – usually 6 months at least – you will begin to build a list of people (an audience) that you can use later as a lookalike audience to improve your ad targeting to first time home buyers. If you follow these simple steps, you will be well ahead of 98% of your competitors who are either not generating their own leads or are struggling to put a profitable ad funnel together.

As simple and powerful as these 7 simple steps may be, the most important thing you need to understand is that those steps are only a small part of a successful MLO business.

The Million Dollar Mortgage Originator system is built around two key tools to guide your journey to greater success:

1. THE Million Dollar Originator roadmap  that will guide you through all the logical steps you need to take to build a high performing origination business and ultimately a successful team. This is the exact same roadmap we use to help MLOs get 2 to 5 TIMES MORE quality applications without cold-calling, chasing people or begging realtors, working nights and weekends or paying way too much for leads, or getting overwhelmed with technology and Internet marketing It is not just 1 puzzle piece, it is the complete path that every MLO MUST take to go from Zero leads to industry leader (

THE Million Dollar Originator success pyramid that can help you identify where you are now in your journey and help measure your progress so you know EXACTLY what to focus on to reach the next level on your success journey. We help you completely remove the mystery as to where you are and help you identify exactly what you need to reach your next success level.

These tools have been tested by fire and proven to bring industry leading results with my clients across the country, as they begin to understand and follow the steps to build a solid business.

Let US show you how this approach can help you too.

Our system has everything you need to go from struggling to thriving and can help any MLO get 2 to 5 TIMES MORE quality applications without cold-calling, chasing people or begging realtors, working nights and weekends or paying way too much for leads, or getting overwhelmed with technology and Internet marketing.

One case study involves a green MLO who switch careers in his 50s – he sold his business and had no idea how to market to home buyers and realtors. He ran ads on Facebook for 6 months and could NOT get high quality leads and realtors would not give him the time of day. Once we helped him improve his ad funnels and set up automation tools, he quickly went from zero quality leads and no realtor partners to being able to steadily increase his RE Partners and his own online leads at a fraction of the cost making him irresistable to quality RE Agent partners… in less than 90 days we helped him turn his business around and he is still a client today as his business continues to grow.


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