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(PART 6: BONUS: How to get more preapprovals to close using automation)


Welcome to the bonus video in our series.

Here is everything we’ve shown you so far to help you put your business and follow up on autopilot:

1) Get more leads from past clients on Autopilot.

2) Get more leads from existing realtor partners using Automation.

3) Get more referral partners with our unique partner proposition or UPP.

4) Use a Credit Repair management funnel to grow your future base of applications.

5) Ads. And now in your bonus video, Video #6, Keep in touch with your Pre-Approvals using Automation.

These are 6 unique ways to grow your business while you sleep, automating your follow up so you only need to talk to people that are ready to talk with you. Automation is a smart way of growing your business. The tools work for you while you sleep and are on vacation!

This is a bonus video in addition to the previous 5 videos which show you how to grow your business faster using automation to improve the quality of your work, scale your capacity, and deepen partner relationships. In this video, we’ll show you how to save time following up with pre-approved buyers using automation.

This video will walk you through how you can take a newly approved buyer and automate 100% of your follow up in a way that feels personal and that you care about their progress in finding the right home. It keeps you engaged with them through automated messaging with our MDO 3D Automation platform. This in turn converts more pre-approved buyers into mortgage clients because of your follow up and follow through on your promises…..all with automation.

Let’s face it, when you get busy…..what slides???? The simple followup tasks. Then these prospects fall through the cracks. We’ll show you how you can stop that from happening from now on!

Who am I -Before we begin, you may not be familiar with me and my background. More importantly, you may be thinking, why should I take my valuable time and listen to this guy?

I want to reassure you that in the next few minutes, I will be giving you real, actionable steps that you can take to improve your follow up with automation. This in turn will help you convert more pre-approvals into applications and get valuable wasted time and effort back – time, effort, energy and resources you could be using to grow your business.

I am going to show you how you the messaging flow that will allow you to stay in touch and encourage your pre-approved buyers while they shop for the home of their dreams. From our experience, more than 85% of these convert to viable applications using 3D Automation to follow up. No more chasing pre-approvals. I’ll show you exactly how automation can do all the keeping in touch for you so you can spend your time the way you want….not chasing people.

I am Tim Scholten.

I m a 30 year banker. I have done almost everything in banking you can imagine. I built some of the most highly successful and innovative teams for a top 20 bank in the US. In 2008 I started helping community banks during the financial crisis and became a growth and turn around specialist saving banks ready to collapse and helping others return to profitability. Building and expanding mortgage operations was one way that I helped banks achieve profitability along with sales disciplines that helped bankers reach more clients. Now I am helping mortgage originators like you with our Million Dollar Originator (MDO) programs that I built to help banking clients across the US.

I partner with Aaron Schulman who has been working in the internet marketing and automation space for over 15 years. Together, we are helping Loan Originators, both seasoned veterans and brand new originators start and grow their businesses on Autopilot.

If you watch this entire video, you’ll learn how to apply simple automation steps to grow your list of pre-approved buyers. I’ll show you how you can become their cheerleader and confident while they search for the right home. All this can be done on autopilot using our 3D Automation platform. I’ll show you how automating your follow up on just 5 Pre-Approvals a month can save you an entire month’s time every year. The numbers may not seem real, but when we’ll do the math with you. The time really adds up and smart originators automate this process and use their time more getting more clients, referral partners and close deals.

Promise #2, At the end of this video, you will be invited, for a limited time only, to a million dollar strategy session. If you register and keep your Million Dollar Strategy Session, you will walk away with a 12 month success plan, a 90 day action plan and weekly action plan template that will guide you to Rapid Success. I invest this time with you at no cost to ensure you have a clear action plan for your success and see true value from our short time invested together. At the end of the call, we’ll invite you to review our service and marketing automation options – if you want to work with us, or if you want to do it on your own – It’s totally your call. This call has a real market value of $594, and is not a glorified sales presentation.

And my third promise to you … as a bonus, we will give you a special gift (worth $600) to get you well on your way to doubling or tripling your leads in the next 90 days or less.

If you watch and apply the principles in this video, you WILL begin converting more of your pre-approved buyers to applications on autopilot. That means once you have created your messaging, you can add them to your system and forget it. You let 3D Automation do all of the work for you. If you consider that to make the borrower feel like you’ve stayed in touch with them, that you’ll need to reach out to them between 8 and 10 times during the process, that is between 1 and 2 hours of your time for ever pre-approved buyer that you can save every month.

If you pre-approve only 5 buyers every month, that is 10 hours per month or 120 hours per year. What could you do with an extra 120 hours per year?

In the event you are only sporadically doing your follow up or worst case, not following up at all, you are likely losing some of these buyers to other originators that they come across while shopping. Lack of follow up means that some will quickly forget you and go to the most convenient sources at that time. 3D Automation will convert more of these deals to applications, improve your reputation for follow up, and save you time. Remember…this is a bonus feature in addition to all the other ways MDO 3D Automation will save you time, improve your reputation, and increase your applications!

Good originators are very busy multitasking with client, realtors, referral partners and prospects. That means some things just fall through the cracks due to organization and just plain not enough hours in the day. The urgent tasks get the attention, but that means some things that may deserve your follow up just don’t get done. I hear about clients that the originator spent time getting pre-approved ultimately going with another lender. They were able to be influenced due to lack of timely follow up by the originator. Today, with automation, there is no excuse for letting these tasks slide. Automation can differentiate you and your reputation in the market quickly……making you a more desired partner with realtors as well. [SLIDE 13]

Time is both a quality of life and business limiting factor. Meaning, you max out on the volume you can do without automating portions of your business. Smart originators take advantage of automation as they grow so they don’t max out as quickly as others. They can leverage automation and not let the quality of their business suffer.

I talk to frustrated originators that have invested their time in deals only to see them go elsewhere. They get frustrated and stop spending time with their pre-approved buyers. They feel they aren’t loyal and may not be able to find the right home, or they really aren’t serious about buying.

If that sounds like you, you are wasting time and opportunity by not following up with these prospective buyers. Good originators maximize these opportunities to grow their business.

MDO 3D Automation is designed to help you set up a nurture cycle, add your pre-approved buyer and forget it. It literally takes minutes of your time to start the process…then forget it. It will multiply your capacity and follow up in a more consistent manner than you are likely to do personally.

Here is how 3D Automation can work for you in nurturing pre-approvals. You simply record our messages that we have tested and proven to work. Then you add your pre-approvals to the nurture cycle for 3D Automation, it will do all the heavy lifting of staying in touch for you. You will be an encourager and champion for them on their home buying journey. When they find the right home, they will reach out to you. If their letter is about to expire, the nurture cycle tells them exactly what they need to do next. There literally is nothing you need to do. With automation, it is as simple as set it and forget it. We provide you with the proven messaging so you can be ready to go in just minutes. The proven messaging is already outlined for you.

More pre-approvals convert to buyers with automated follow up than leaving it to human managed process. It’s that good!

Here is why this is so important. If automation can save you 120 hours just on your pre-approval follow up and create more applications than you can manually, it’s like adding an entire month of added business to your year! What would another month of time and business do for you each year?

When Lynn first set up her pre-approvals on automation, she felt a huge relief in that she now knew that follow up would ALWAYS be happening. She also felt she had more time in her schedule for more important things, like expanding her realtor partnerships. Also she was no longer frustrated by the fact that when she was successful and really grew her pipeline, that was no longer dropping the ball with her prospects.

Having automation in place gave her the confidence to continue to add more business without worrying if she could manage it effectively. It was a huge stress relief. The even better news is that her pre-approval pull through rate increased from 60% to 85% because this was one of the areas that she would drop her follow up on when she got busy. Not staying in touch had a real cost. Now she stays in touch on autopilot.

Our MDO 3D Automation system uses a combination of Ringless Voicemail, Text and Email messages to connect in a way that feels personal…..yet it is fully automated. Messages can be modified to meet your taste, but what we provide works. All you need to do is add your email signature and record the voice messages. You can have multiple messaging funnels operational in just a few hours.

Here is what we do.

We provide you with the system and proven messaging to nurture your prospects on Autopilot…until they are ready to buy. We help you set up your system, record your messages, and load your contacts. Then, just sit back and wait. Our system and proven message flow gives every single one of your contacts the feel that you are personally reaching out and following up with them. Not some strange, robo-calling technology or mass marketing appeal that leaves people feeling alienated, or like just another number. The system does all the contact work while you go about your normal activities.

When your contacts are ready, they reach out to you. The setup work you’ve done creating and recording your messages works quietly behind the scenes to do the heavy lifting for you. It consistently makes contact with your prospects while you work on other priorities, allowing you to multiply your time and your success.

The reality is that most originators do a poor job at best of making contacts and following up with everyone they should. MDO 3D Automation will help you improve your game dramatically by consistently making contacts for you, so that you only need to talk to people that are ready to talk with you or are ready to buy!

All you have to do is implement the proven message series and you no longer need to manually chase people down while they search for a home. You will have joined the working smarter team by letting automation do most of your follow up for you.

What’s next. . .

What I’ve shown you today is another step you can take to grow your mortgage business. How you can increase your pull through rate with Pre-Approvals and get back a month of your time every year. This is just one more way that MDO 3D Automation and our Success Roadmap can help you FAST TRACK your business growth.

Our Million Dollar Originator Program is designed to help identify where you are on your journey to the top and help you identify and take the next steps in your journey. What’s needed to succeed isn’t a secret, but how to accomplish it may require a guide. That’s where we come in. We help you stay focused on taking the next right step and ensure that you don’t spend your valuable time chasing the wrong things.

We provide everything you need for your journey….tools, automation, scripts, educational videos, etc. as part of our Million Dollar Originator program.

You don’t need to continue to struggle and burn the candle at both ends like most people do starting out. You don’t need to make all the same mistakes that others do….throwing their time and money away on things that don’t work. You can have all the resources you need at your fingertips to work smarter, not harder.

Let’s recap the six automation benefits we covered in this video series.
#1 – More deals from past clients
#2 – More deals from existing partners
#3 – More realtor partners using UPP
#4 – Turn credit problems into qualified buyers
#5 – Get quality home buyers using Facebook ads
#6 – Automate pre-approval follow up – save a months time.

If you are doing all these things, it’s a full time job. Automation is an 80/20 step. You can put all these activities on autopilot at a fraction of the cost of an assistant. That’s right, you can literally duplicate yourself and get an additional 2,000 hours of time with MDO 3D Automation. Computers were invented to help us accomplish tasks faster. Email and Fax machines helped us move information faster. These are simple productivity tools you take for granted and use every day. Now it’s time you make a GIANT LEAP in your productivity with MDO 3D Automation.

The choice is yours….you can do this the hard way….learning by trial and error. Having your journey to success take years. Spending your valuable time and money chasing realtors with nothing to offer them or purchasing crappy leads that have been sold a dozen times before you get them. OR You can take the easy way….with your plan laid out for you….the tools and resources at your fingertips and an experienced guide by your side. The choice is yours…..hard or easy, fast or slow, bumps and bruises or a smoother and clear path.

OFFER: For a limited time, when you schedule a free Million Dollar Success Roadmap call, we will help you craft your personal 12 month marketing success plan, we will give you, for free, our proven scripts that you can implement right away for 5 different marketing segments, proven to get an average of 4 deals for every 100 leads or more, and a special discount if you decide to use our marketing automation service. On the call, we will help you identify the top 3 strategies you can use right away to get more leads in less time.

At the end of the call, we will simply ask you if you want us to help you implement the strategy, if you would like to join one of our case study groups, or if you want to do it all yourself. What ever you decide, you’ll walk away with a clear marketing success plan and our free proven scripts valued at $594. In addition, should you choose to accept it, you’ll receive a special discount offer on our services valued at $600, just for allowing us to help you build a simple, clear, powerful strategy based on 45 plus years combined experience in the business. This offer is available for a limited time until our remaining agency seats are filled.

So don’t wait….schedule your call today.

You’ll get over $594 in actionable value with your personal top 3 strategies that you can begin implementing today to double or even triple your flow of leads in the next 30 days….all while eliminating cold calling and saving up to 2 hour of your day…..every day or more.

Schedule your call now! I promise you won’t be disappointed.