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(PART 1: How to get 1-4 deals every month from past clients using simple automation)


Thanks for registering for this video and congratulations on taking a step in investing in your business.  It takes a real professional to admit that they can and want to do better to improve their business, make more money, and save more time working smarter and not harder. If you watch this entire series of videos, we will show you 5 ways that you can grow your business without burning the candle at both ends. 5 Ways that will exponentially help you grow your client base. And here is the even better news…..we are going to start with 4 ways that will cost you ZERO dollars in ad spend.

Before we begin, you may not be familiar with me and my background. More importantly, you may be thinking, why should I take my valuable time and listen to this guy?

I want to reassure you that in the next few minutes, and in this video series, I will be giving you real, actionable items that will help you increase lead flow, save money and get valuable wasted time and effort back – time, effort, energy and resources you could be using to grow your business instead of chasing unresponsive leads, chasing unreliable referral partners and taking control of your business using powerful marketing automation, proven strategies and scripts that will help you break through to the next level of success in your business. Whether you are just starting out or you have been in the mortgage business for 20 years, I guarantee that you will find valuable, actionable ideas that can take your business to the next level if you apply them.

I am Tim Scholten.  I m a 30 year banker. I have done almost everything in banking you can imagine. I built some of the most highly successful and innovative teams for a top 20 bank in the US. In 2008 I started helping community banks during the financial crisis and became a growth and turn around specialist saving banks ready to collapse and helping others return to profitability. Now I am helping mortgage originators like you with our Million Dollar Originator (MDO) programs that I built to help banking clients across the US.

I partner with Aaron Schulman who has been working in the internet marketing and automation space for over 15 years. Together, we are helping Loan Originators, both seasoned veterans and brand new originators start and grow their businesses on Autopilot.

If you watch this entire video, you’ll learn how simple automation steps can save you as much as a full day every week or as much as $20,000 per year. In addition, I’ll give the the messaging scripts and 80/20 evaluation table that will help you identify how to shift more of your work from $10 per hour tasks to $100 and $500 per hour tasks. Most people spend 80 percent of their time doing tasks that only bring them 20% of their income, and spend only 20% of their time on the high value tasks – tasks that will help you get paid more dollars per hour. We help you turn your manual lead generation tasks from past clients into leads autopilot. That means more leads in less time, working smarter, not harder. You can decide for yourself how valuable this is for you,

$10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 per year in value. The reality is that most of us don’t have the discipline to even follow through on this sort of follow up effort…..so most originators never get around to making these contacts all. Imagine the value you may be missing if you are not staying in touch!

Promise #2, At the end of this video, you will be invited, for a limited time only, to a million dollar strategy session. If you register and keep your Million Dollar Strategy Session, you will walk away with a 12 month success plan, a 90 day action plan and weekly action plan template that will guide you to Rapid Success. I invest this time with you at no cost to ensure you have a clear action plan for your success and see true value from our short time invested together. At the end of the call, we’ll invite you to review our service and marketing automation options – if you want to work with us, or if you want to do it on your own – It’s totally your call. This call has a real market value of $594, and is not a glorified sales presentation.

And my third promise to you … as a bonus, we will give you a special gift (worth $600) to get you well on your way to doubling or tripling your leads in the next 90 days or less.

If you watch and apply the principles in this video series, you WILL see improvement in leads from your your past clients. We have seen originators get from 2 to 4 additional leads for month for every 100 contacts or past clients – without any additional work, without cold-calling, and without chasing realtors or unresponsive leads, while recapturing 2 or more hours of wasted time every day.. that simply means, more deals, less time, less frustration, without chasing people!

You’ll stay top of mind for anything mortgage with your personal network and past clients. They’ll be more likely to bring you their own opportunity as well as refer you to their friends and family.

You will be continually expanding your personal network, creating a growing list of people that will refer business your way naturally and growing your list of satisfied clients, also sending business your way.

You’ll go from struggling to get leads from your network to a consistent, growing flow of leads….on autopilot.

So what is one of the problems that mortgage originators just like you, all across the country are facing every day? They are not getting the referrals and leads that they should be getting from their past clients.

Why? They either lack the process and discipline of staying in touch or they get busy and can’t find the time to squeeze this work in. Either way those leads are going to someone else instead of you!

Keeping in touch consistently with your personal network and past clients on a consistent basis is almost always a problem. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to make all those contacts needed to stay connected with your extended network. And when you don’t stay in touch, referrals stop almost immediately.

People simply forget – they have their own lives to live and your business is not top-of-mind to them. These are your friends and your satisfied clients….and not getting their business really hurts. They should trust and remember you. They should think of you every time they hear the word mortgage or talk to someone who is buying a home. They should be sending business your way. After all you’ve done to take care of them in the past, it just isn’t right that you’re not getting more business from your past, satisfied clients.

The problem and million dollar question is, “how can you be the go-to name in your network for everything related to mortgages? How can you stay top-of-mind with EVERYONE in your personal network without pestering people, without chasing people, without sending out cheesy magnets and other junky and trinkets that don’t work, all while getting 2 or more hours per day of your valuable time back?

I talk to Originators all the time that just don’t see any deals from their friends and and past clients. They have hundreds of contacts, yet they aren’t getting any traction with them. All their past effort to stay in touch hasn’t generated much by way of new business. The reality is they have been forgotten. These are the people that know you and trust you! You’ve just fallen off their radar. Why does it have to be so difficult to get people to refer business your way?

The reality is that you don’t have enough hours in your day to stay in touch with all these people. And when you don’t stay in touch, their business goes somewhere else. You are losing FREE Deals! You just aren’t top of mind when the opportunity arises. They refer their deal someone else.

When you do try to stay in touch, you feel like you are wasting time because you just don’t see any real results. Past clients don’t have needs when you are reaching out to them. You just never seem to be able to connect at the right time. It’s not an great use of your time and you feel like you are becoming a pain in their neck.

You’ve tried adding them to your email list, but it seems like such a generic approach and email open rates are not the same that they used to be when email was new. Instead of 80% open rates people now open only 10 – 15% on average. While you make the effort, staying connected doesn’t seem to be working or worth the time you’ve invested.

While the investment of time needed to stay in touch doesn’t seem to be worth it, you are losing as many as 2 or 3 deals per month for every 100 people in your network. And the reality is, the deals in your network are being referred to other originators. What would keeping just 2 deals per month mean to your income?

Our MDO 3D Automation system does all of this automatically for you. It will stay in touch with your past clients and more. It will put staying in touch on autopilot so you don’t ever need to think about staying in contact again. Just add your new client to the list and multi-channel follow up will be initiated and keep you top of mind with all of your past clients. This is setting up your business to run while you sleep and vacation. That is exactly what automation should be doing for you to improve your life while helping to grow your business!

Here is why this is so important. Let’s just say you have 200 past clients. The keep in touch campaign uses phone calls, text messages and emails to make your contact feel personalized. If you look at the chart, making tons of phone calls, sending text messages and sending emails monthly will take a ton of time. When you multiply the messages by the hours, and then by the number of messages over the year, the time really adds up. At the end of a year, just staying in touch with 200 past clients will cost you almost a full month worth of your time. You can see how little things eat away at your day and when you get to the end of your week, you wonder where the time has gone. These activities are important but they don’t typically create immediate results. This is where the 80/20 principle can really help you.

Let’s call making the phone calls and sending the messages $10 per hour work. You could accomplish the same thing by hiring a professional and you could make maybe $100 per hour by paying them to do the work for you. You might net $100 per hour for your time. But if you automate the process using technology and create your sales process just once, you can easily jump to $1,000 per hour for your time since once you’ve created the process, you only need minutes per month to feed new names into your keep in touch campaign. When you consider the time you needed to initially create your process and let it run, you would likely see a return of up to $10,000 per hour when you consider that it is working for you every day after you’ve created it.

Investing time in creating processes that eliminate hours of your time every month pays the biggest returns. Keeping that process fed with new contacts is your next biggest ROI. All that is required is learning to leverage new technology and tools to automate your business. This type of work not only gives you weeks worth of time back, it helps you increase your value per hour and gives the the quality of life that everyone is looking for. In this example, someone making $100,000 per year would get between $8,000 and $10,000 of their time back and still get the leads that staying in touch with past clients will generate. That’s crazy value!

Now imagine all the other types of phone call, email and text activity that you can identify that could be turned into an automated process that keeps new leads coming your way. Maybe you are wasting time running errands that could be done off hours…instead of prioritizing your day and activities to ensure you are doing the important work first.

Or maybe you are wasting hours checking social media when you could be talking to prospects or better yet, generating new referral partners. Or maybe many of your prospects aren’t qualified. You could be working on your sales automation process to ensure that most of your prospects are qualified or have automation to handle those that aren’t qualified.

Use the tool attached here to identify your own 80/20 opportunities. In other words, where are you working for $10 per hour that you can turn into $1,000 per hour or even more? Here is some great news….we are going to give you 5 ways that you can 80/20 your communications to improve your business, quality of life and income in this video series to help you make visible progress towards success. There is absolutely no reason to NOT apply these techniques to your business right away.

Let me share an example. One client I worked with had about 300 contacts in his personal network and another 200 past clients. He hadn’t seen any real leads from his network or past clients in well over a year. Because of that, he was no longer touching base with them or working to add new contacts to his outreach efforts. In a normal market, his contacts should be sending him 20 or more opportunities per year just for their own needs, let alone referring their friends and family.

After implementing our MDO – Keep In Touch message series with his network and past clients, he started receiving an average of 4 to 6 new leads each month. Our MDO 3D Automation system uses a combination of Ringless Voicemail, Text and Email messages to stay connected in a way that feels personal…..yet it is fully automated.

Not only was he getting more leads….it wasn’t taking any of his time. His past clients just reached out to him when they were ready or had a friend or family member that needed his help.

He started generating over $6,000 in added income each month by staying in touch with his network of FREE Lead Sources!. He was missing these opportunities consistently in the past….now he is getting over $70,000 in ADDITIONAL income on autopilot. Yes, Additional meaning that this is happening on autopilot while he is closing deals through the rest of his referral network and other efforts. Without adding any more time to his schedule. His past client reach now reach out to him when they are ready! That was a huge change! No more chasing. He let the Automation do that heavy lifting of staying in touch.

Here is what we do. We provide you with the system and messaging to leverage your network and past clients on Autopilot. It’s called MDO 3D Automation. We help you set it up, record your messages, and load your contacts. Then, just sit back and wait. Our system and scripts gives every single one of your contacts the real feel that you are personally following up with them. Not some strange, robo-calling technology or mass marketing appeal that leaves people feeling alienated, or like just another number… Allow the system to do all the work while you go about your normal business activity.. When your contacts are ready, when they have personal needs, or when they talk to someone who is in the market for a new home, you’ll be top of mind. You’ll be that rare person that has kept in touch over time. The beauty is that you can start implementing everything we share right away.

All you have to do is implement the proven message series and you’ll start seeing more leads from your personal and past client network. They’ll feel like you are right there, consistently reaching out to them, staying in touch, while technology is doing the heavy lifting for you. You simply follow up on real leads and real opportunities. No longer do you have to manually chase people, send out reminders, cheesy refrigerator calendar magnets that get pitched and all the other useless marketing tactics that you can’t track, but may be wasting tons of money on.

What I’ve shown you today is just the first step and the most simple step you can take to grow your mortgage business. And.. your lead sources are FREE. This is only a small part of how your personal Success Roadmap can help you FAST TRACK your business growth.

Our Million Dollar Originator Program is designed to help identify where you are on your journey to the top and help you identify and take the next steps in your journey. What’s needed to succeed isn’t a secret, but how to accomplish it may require a guide. That’s where we come in. We help you stay focused on taking the next right step and ensure that you don’t spend time chasing the wrong things.

We provide everything you need for your journey….tools, automation, scripts, educational videos, etc. as part of our Million Dollar Originator program.

You don’t need to continue to struggle and burn the candle at both ends like most people do starting out. You don’t need to make all the same mistakes that other do….throwing their time and money away on things that don’t work. You can have all the resources you need at your fingertips to work smarter, not harder.

The choice is yours….you can do this the hard way….learning by trial and error. Having your journey to success take years. Spending your valuable time and money chasing realtors with nothing to offer them or purchasing crappy leads that have been sold a dozen times before you get them. OR You can take the easy way….with your plan laid out for you….the tools and resources at your fingertips and an experienced guide by your side. The choice is yours…..hard or easy, fast or slow, bumps and bruises or a smoother path.

For a limited time, when you schedule a free Million Dollar Success Roadmap call, we will help you craft your personal 12 month marketing success plan, we will give you, for free, our proven scripts you can implement right away for 5 different marketing segments, proven to get an average of 4 deals for every 100 leads, and a special discount if you decide to use our marketing automation service.

On the call, we will help you identify the top 3 strategies you can use right away to get more leads in less time. At the end of the call, we will simply ask you if you want us to help you implement the strategy, if you would like to join one of our case study groups, or if you want to do it all yourself. What every you decide, you’ll walk away with a clear marketing success plan and our free proven scripts valued at $594. In addition, should you choose to accept it, you’ll receive a special discount offer on our services valued at $600, just for allowing us to help you build a simple, clear, powerful strategy based on 45 plus years combined experience in the business. This offer is available for a limited time while we add new support team members.

So don’t wait….schedule your call today. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

In the next video, I’ll show you how you can get more business from any existing realtor partners that you have.
The reality is that they give their business to whoever is most convenient at the time. If you aren’t right there when they land a deal, you may not get the business. We are going to show you how you can become their exclusive partner and move into the relationship drivers seat versus feel like you need to constantly be buying coffee or lunch and begging for deals.

We’ll show you how you can get more business without cold calling…..without begging realtors for leads and without chasing people. Realtors will be excited about sending their business your way. Isn’t it time you put yourself in the driver’s seat and started gaining exclusive referral partners? So be sure to stay tuned for the next video. Part 2 of 5.

TO RECAP. You’ll get OVER $594 in actionable value with your personal top 3 strategies you can begin implementing TODAY to double or triple your flow of leads in the next 90 days while eliminating cold calling and saving up to 2 hours of your day or more!!

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