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How to increase your free mortgage leads from
a trickle to a flood using a simple automation tool

Welcome to the Million Dollar Originator training series.

In this episode we are going to show you why your leads may be trickling versus flowing.

This is Tim Scholten – with Aaron Schulman – with the Million Dollar Originator System.

We have over 45 years of combined experience in the mortgage, Internet Marketing & Automation space….We help mortgage originators like you overcome their every-day challenges. Here is a common one. Everyone could use some extra applications. The problem that many originators have is that the lead flow is inconsistent. And it’s really hard to grow a business without enough good leads.

We measure lead flow like a tap. Sometimes the tap’s rusted shut or it’s leaky. Sometimes there’s just a trickle coming through. When it comes to your leads, is there a trickle, a flow, or a flood?

Flows are nice because you have enough leads to grow. But what we really want is a flood. Having a flood of leads means your business is growing like a rocket ship. When there aren’t enough leads, you often jump in and kind of push. You start promoting more, send more emails, and run campaigns, you make all kinds of phone calls, etc. And you know if you push, it’s hard work, but something will happen, right?. But what happens the moment you stop pushing? Nothing happens! You can see where this is on the Million Dollar Profit Pyramid.

This isn’t a real lead flow. This is a pump that you have to man yourself. So, you pump until you get leads and then you get busy working with them. When you don’t pump there’s a famine with not enough new leads coming in to meet your needs. And frankly, that’s a really hard and scary way to run an origination business. You want to have a system that does the work for you and delivers leads every single day, instead of pumping like crazy to make it work. There are a few things you need to get in place before this can work.

Here are some things you could do: You could keep pumping like crazy. I promise you it will work but your success will be limited by your time, and you will drive yourself crazy. You’ll get leads this month, work like crazy to close them next month and have no deals in your pipeline the following month. You’ve just found yourself back on the income roller coaster. Or you could just learn to be satisfied with your 8 deals per month and learn to live with the income that provides you. That won’t likely help you create the lifestyle you desire and so many other originators achieve. You’ll just be one of those average originators. Or you could hire someone full time to generate leads for you. That means paying out a lot of money in hopes the person can successfully generate quality leads for you.

Here is what we recommend. Implement our MDO 3D Lead and Follow up automation. This automation uses proven ringless voicemail, text message and email sequences to reach prospects and customers in a way that feel like it’s actually you doing the work. The difference is that it keeps working when you don’t. It keeps doing follow up and generating leads when you get busy. It will help you create that steady flow of quality leads you are looking for. That leaves you free to focus on closing deals and running your business. This is essential to giving you peace of mind as well as knowing that lead generation is consistently happening, whether you are pumping or not! And here is some more great news. You can implement this for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to do this for you.

Here is how our 3D Lead and follow up system works. It uses a proven sequence of ringless voicemail, text and email messages combined to create a personalized experience for your prospects. Our proven messaging and scripts convert cold leads into warm prospects on auto pilot. The system follows up until the client is ready to take action. Once they respond, the system notifies you and stops following up so you can take over with that warmed up prospect. No more chasing, dialing, or pumping like crazy. And here is the even better news……..

We have mapped out over a dozen unique ways to generate leads on auto-pilot. Everything from free to paid versions where you can generate new, quality leads every single day. These proven lead and follow up sequences reach out to past clients, your personal network, prospects from ads, leads from realtors, etc., until the prospect is ready to apply or buy. Then they reach out to you! Most originators stop trying to follow up after just a few attempts. The reality is that most prospects aren’t ready to move ahead right away. Many aren’t really ready until 6 months or more after the initial lead. The MDO Lead and Follow up system keeps working, long after you would have given up or moved on to something else. That’s the beauty of automation. It never gets discouraged or too busy to keep reaching out, following the prescribed sequence. It just keeps working.

The system is really simple – use our scripts and follow-up campaign template. Then all you have to do is record a voicemail once. You can create as many campaigns as you want. Then, just feed the contact info into the system and watch past clients, personal contacts, pre approvals, old leads from realtor partners, etc. start reaching out to you with referrals or ready for their own mortgage. You can also use the system to generate 5 Star Google reviews from satisfied clients. The more you use the system to work your leads and follow up, the more the system works on your behalf to generate a consistent flow of leads.

As powerful as this solution is in creating a consistent flow of leads for you, this is only 1 step in the 9 step process that every top producing originator across the country has mastered. Miss just 1 of these steps and your mortgage operation won’t produce like it should. You’ll never reach your peak potential. The Million Dollar Originator system has 3 success lanes, from architecting the right foundation for your business so that it can scale effectively as you grow and increase your success, to helping you attract and ever increasing flood of prospects and applications, to automating and scaling your business multiple times from a solo originator to a true business owner. The Million Dollar Originator system gives you one clear path to follow to build your business from beginner to top producer. It isn’t just a piece of the puzzle you need to succeed, it IS the entire puzzle. The complete roadmap to success.

The MDO system makes it super simple and clear to know exactly where you are in your business, and the 1 thing you need to master to reach the next level of success on your journey to the top. We have helped mortgage originators of all experience levels identify and get rid of the roadblocks and hidden barriers to their success so they can break through to the next level. We’ve helped originators stop pumping to get leads and create a flood of leads that comes to them automatically. Identify where you are on the success pyramid and it will help you see exactly what you have to implement next to move up to the next stage of success.

If you been stuck at a trickle of leads or even a flow, but really need more to grow your business, or you are tired of pumping and grinding and are ready to start thriving. Our 9 step roadmap will help you get crystal clear on what you need to take your business to the next level.

So what’s next… to get crystal clear on what steps you need to take to advance your business to the next level of success, schedule your free, 30 minute strategy call with us. On this call we help you identify up to 3 key things you must do to advance your business to the next level. If you want help fast-tracking your personal success, and you’d like to cut 3 to 5 years of pitfalls and frustration off reaching your highest level of income, schedule a free ½ hour strategy call with us. After the call, we’ll simply ask you if you would like to join our group consulting, take advantage of our done for your service, or if you want to implement your strategy on your own. The choice is yours. Book your call now, you don’t have to wait.