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How to get a flood of free quality mortgage leads from Google

Welcome to the Million Dollar Originator training series- and in this episode we are going to show you how to get tons of free quality mortgage leads from Google!

This is Aaron Schulman – with Tim Scholten – we have over 45 years of combined experience in the mortgage and Innernet Marketing & Automation space…

Not only am I going show you how to get tons of FREE quality mortgage leads and applications from Google, I am going to show you how to do this on auto-pilot so you can set up your system once and let it do the work for you.

Just so you know you this applies to you, this process works for any mortgage originator regardless of whether they are brand new or a 20+ year veteran

So let’s get started… Here’s how it works…

When someone goes to Google looking for a mortgage and they type in your area plus words related to home loan or mortgage, they will get a mix of paid and organic results.

The top 3 is really were you want to be, but even if you are not there, you can get there with consistency and automation over time. And you can still get free quality leads while you are on your way to the top 3… not everyone goes to the top 3 but the top 3 do get the Lion’s share…

You could pay for the top spot, but if you are like most originators, you can’t compete financially for that top spot because it is very expensive! So if you don’t have deep pockets or are not a bank with a large ad budget, what else can you do?

You want to aim for the top 3

There are a few requirements.

You have to be closing loans and actually have a pipeline of prospects and customers.

If you are brand new, you can still get started and eventually claim your share of the free leads from Google, you don’t want to wait to set up your simple system because as you close loans, those satisfied customers will be your assets to help you rank in the top 3.

So – you shouldn’t wait because it’s easy to set up, and most originators aren’t doing any of this in your area. And you can do this on auto-pilot with the system I am going to show you.

Get 5 star reviews on auto-pilot

The way these people get to the top 3 is by several factors, but the biggest ones are 5 star ratings from past satisfied clients.

So regardless of where you are in your business, start today and you can pass up the rankings in your area and get the lion’s share of free leads that Google Search hands out every single day! You have to set up a Google Business Page with your Mortgage contact information. That is where people will leave the 5 star reviews.

As soon as someone closes a loan, you simply add them to your MDO 3D automation follow up system.

What this is, is a simple system of ringless voicemail, text massaging and emails that go out on auto-pilot, as soon as you close a loan.

All you have to do is load up the contact’s name to the system and the 5 Star Google rankgings start piling up.

Soon you will be in the top 3 spots if you set it up and use it ever time you close a loan.

It’s really simple – once you use our scripts and follow-up campaign, all you have to do is record a voicemail once.

Then each time you close a loan you simply upload the contact information into the campaign and the rest is done for you.

The system reaches out and converts happy customers to 5 star Google reviews on auto-pilot- It can also get them to leave a nice review on your Facebook business page to get more referrals from social media!

Here is a sample email script to show you how easy it is to set up.

Best of all, once you set it up, all you have to do is upload each closed loan contact information and the system will auto-populate and send out the messages on auto-pilot.———————–


Thank you for allowing us to service your mortgage loan. I am excited for all the new memories and adventures you will create in your new home.

Would you do me a quick favor?

It will only take 2 minutes. Would you go to my Google Business page and leave me a 5-star review? This really helps me grow my business and referrals from Google. I really appreciate it!


If you are not sure what to say, here are a few quick examples you could use…

(Write up some simple samples of what a great written review would be and insert 2 or 3 examples here)


S once you get this set up, you will be well on your way to rising in the Google 3 Pack rankings.

You do not want to wait to get this going.

This should be 1 small part of your automation system to help you grow additional pipelines of leads and income potential.

This is just one of the proven automations that we have developed that help our MLOs get 2-5x more applications on auto pilot… we’ve got automations that get referrals – and we continue to create and test new ones all the time.

As helpful as that is for your mortgage business, that is just 1 small step in the journey to becoming a top producer.

The million dollar originator has 3 simple phases and 9 clear steps that thousands of successful mortgage originators across the country have used to get to top levels of production. If you are missing any of these steps, you will never reach your peak potential as an originator.

The MDO system makes it super simple and clear to know exactly where you are in your business, and the 1 thing you need to master to get to the next level you want to achieve with your personal income goals.

We have helped mortgage originators of all experience levels get rid of the roadblocks and hidden barriers so they can break through to their next level of success.

Check out where you are on the MDO pyramid and it will help you see exactly what you have to implement next to move up in your earning potential.

So what’s next… in the Million Dollar Originator (MDO) System, we help mortgage originators like you double their applications or more in 90 days or less without cold calling.

If you want help fast-tracking your personal success, and you’d like to cut 3 to 5 years of pitfalls and frustration off reaching your highest level of income, schedule a free ½ hour strategy call with us.

You don’t have to wait.