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16 ways to get free mortgage leads on auto-pilot

(simple software brings in free leads allowing you to focus on closing loans)


The #1 mistake most originators make:

Welcome to the Million Dollar Originator training series- In this episode we are going to show you how to overcome the #1 mistake originators make.

This is Tim Scholten – with Aaron Schulman – with the Million Dollar Originator System. We have over 45 years of combined experience in the mortgage, Internet Marketing & Automation space….We help mortgage originators like you overcome their every-day challenges.

Here is a common one.

Most originators never set up their business to scale.

As a result, they quickly reach their personal limits, and those limits don’t allow them to make the money they really need. They end up stuck in a business that all they can do is work harder, invest more time, and burn the candle at both ends.

It’s the hardest way to survive.

They are caught up in the never ending cycle of marketing to prospects, and chasing them.

Marketing to realtors, builders, and other influencers and chasing them.

Begging them for deals, and then dealing with clients and the challenges with getting your client’s loans approved.

The pressure to do more is never ending. You can’t seem to ever do enough of the right things to create the steady business your are looking for.

That is the magic in the mortgage business, right?

Steady, consistent, and growing lead flow.

But you have to have the capacity to do it all.

So you push hard to try to get it all done, but every Monday, the pressure restarts.

The million dollar profit pyramid shows you where you are on the journey to the top. Most originators don’t get beyond the surviving stage.

They remain average producer for years.

Where are you on the Million Dollar Profit Pyramid?

The reason most originators don’t break out of the surviving stage is that they have never thought about their origination business as a business.

They haven’t built it to scale as their application volume grows.

They hit an artificial ceiling that is created by their personal capacity or time they are willing to invest.

They don’t realize that they can actually have it all. They miss the critical step of automating the 50% of their business that can be designed once and then mostly or completely automated.

This simple step, if done right, would allow most originators to double their volume without stress and overwhelm.

That’s right…double their volume.

Here are some things you could do: Put in few extra hours to get those couple more deals done.

Miss the kids ball game, or miss family dinner more than one night a week.

You will make a few more dollars if you sprint harder and work longer, but at what cost?

You raised the ceiling a little, but not much.

Or you could hire an assistant, but now you’ll have to earn enough consistently to cover their salary before you’ll make another dollar.

Neither of these will work to their full potential without a significant amount of more real time added to your calendar.

So the real question is….how do you create more real time for yourself?

Here is what we recommend.

Put your lead and client follow up on auto pilot with our MDO 3D Lead and Follow up automation.

This automation uses proven ringless voicemail, text message and email sequences to reach prospects and customers in a way that feel like it’s actually you doing the work.

The difference is that it keeps working even when you don’t.

It keeps doing follow up and generating leads when you get busy.

You see, it doesn’t run out of time like you do.

It will help you create that steady flow of quality leads and keep you in touch with your clients that are in process.

That leaves you free to focus on closing deals and running your business.

It will give you peace of mind, knowing that lead generation is consistently happening, even when you don’t have time!

And here is some more great news. You can implement this for a fraction of the cost of hiring an assistant.

Here is how our 3D Lead and Follow up system works.

It uses a proven sequence of ringless voicemail, text and email messages combined to create a personalized experience for your prospects and customers.

Our proven messaging and scripts convert cold leads into warm prospects on auto pilot.

The system follows up until the prospect is ready to take action.

Once they respond, the system notifies you and stops the follow up so you can take over with that warmed up prospect.

No more chasing, dialing, or feeling like a failure because you didn’t get to the calls you needed to make today.

With your in-process clients, the system uses your voice and messages to keep the client informed during the loan process. And here is the even better news……..

We have mapped out over a dozen unique ways to generate leads on auto-pilot in addition to the proven client management flows.

We help you identify and implement the approach that will drive quality leads every single day at the lowest cost possible.

These proven lead and follow up sequences reach out to past clients, your personal network, prospects from ads, leads from realtors, etc., until the prospect is ready to apply or buy.

The prospect contacts you when they are ready.

No more chasing!

Most originators follow up is inconsistent and falls short of what prospects need.

The reality is that most prospects aren’t ready to move ahead right away.

As many as 50% of your prospects aren’t ready for 6 months or more after the initial contact.

Most originators have quit following up long before that.

The MDO Lead and Follow up system keeps following up as long you need it to, until your prospect is ready.

That’s the beauty of automation. It never gets discouraged or too busy to keep reaching out, using the contact sequences you’ve created in advance.

It just keeps working.

This one step can save you as much as two full days of time every week that you previously spent chasing people.

The system is really simple – use our scripts and follow-up campaign templates.

Then all you have to do is record any voicemails once.

You can create as many campaigns as you want.

Then, just feed the contact info into the system and watch past clients, personal contacts, pre approvals, old leads from realtor partners, etc. start reaching out to you with referrals or ready to have you help them with their own mortgage.

You can also use the system to generate 5 Star Google reviews from satisfied clients.

The more you use the system to work your leads and follow up, the more the system works on your behalf to generate a consistent and growing flow of high-quality leads.

As powerful as this solution is in creating a consistent flow of leads for you and saving you up to 2 full days of your week, this is only 1 step in the 9 step process that every top producing originator across the country has mastered.

Miss just 1 of these steps and your mortgage operation won’t produce or scale like it should.

You’ll never reach your peak potential.

The Million Dollar Originator system has 3 success lanes, from architecting the right foundation for your business so that it can scale effectively as you grow, to helping you attract an ever increasing flood of prospects and applications, to automating and scaling your business multiple times over, from a solo originator to a true business owner. The Million Dollar Originator system gives you one clear path to follow to build your business from a beginner to a top producer. It isn’t just a piece of the puzzle you need to succeed, it IS THE ENTIRE PUZZLE. The complete roadmap for your success.

The MDO system makes it super simple and clear to know exactly where you are on your journey to the top, and the 1 thing you need to master to reach the next level of success.

We have helped mortgage originators of all experience levels identify and overcome the roadblocks and hidden barriers to their success so they can break through to the next level.

We’ve helped originators put lead generation and follow up on auto pilot giving them back as much as 2 full days per week previously spent chasing, prospects, clients and realtors.

This is time they can now spend helping people with real loan needs and closing more deals.

With the MDO system there is one clear path to increased success.

If you are feeling overwhelmed at your current volume and it isn’t what you want to be earning, or if you feel like you are ready to take your business to the next level, our 9 step roadmap will help you get crystal clear on what you need to do to make that growth a reality.


So what’s next… to get crystal clear on what steps you need to take to advance your business to the next level, schedule your free, 30 minute strategy call with us. On this call we help you identify the top 3 things you must do to advance your business. If you want help fast-tracking your personal success, if you’d like to get 2 full days per week of your time back, and if you’d like to cut 3 to 5 years of pitfalls and frustration off your learning curve, schedule a free ½ hour strategy call with us.

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